Start Arrangements


  1. Catamarans:Beach start – Langebaan main beach between – 14:00 – 14:30
    1. Skippers Briefing 13: 00 – Langebaan Hobie shop
  2. SUP’s and Surfskis:
    1. SUP and Surfski paddlers briefing on Sand Bay Beach, bottom of Kotze Street 1.30pm
    2. All paddlers to leave beach or LYC  by 2.15 latest and make their way to west side of Schaapen Island.Colin’s boat will have a rope on back they can hold onto and wait for start.

      Colin – 083 251 9347 – will brief paddlers on 5 min start sequence, flags and horn etc

      Skippers Briefing 13:30 – 14:00  – in beach at bottom on Kotze street, Sand Bay


  3. Windsurfers & Kite-surfers  – Seeded competitors: Beach start – Langebaan main beach between   – 15:00 – 15:30 the rest 6 min apart
  4. Skippers Briefing 13:30 – 14:00  – Langebaan Main Beach  
  5. 3 Separate demarcated starting camps

Upwind –Windsurfers (Towards Pearlys)

Centre –Kites

Downwind – Foiling kites & Foiling Windsurfers

Start times– Planned start times are as indicated above but may be postponed should weather /course conditions dictate this.

Postponement of Start– Will be indicated by the Flying of the “AP” Flag (Red & White striped flag).  A sound signal, followed by the lowering of this flag, will indicate that a 5 minute countdown for the start will commence in one minute.

All wind driven craft will be started from the beach in a “Le Mans” style i.e. competitors will line up with board rigged or kite launched and up at the 12 o’clock position at the water’s edge on the beach.  Participants that are not in an active start must keep clear and launch kites only when they are due to start after the preceding start has left the beach.

Start procedure

  • A warning signal will be blown and a Yellow preparatory signal flag will be raised on a power boat stationed North of the point of Skaapen Island 5 minutes prior to the start time of the first start.
  • A Red preparatory signal flag will be raised on the power boat 1 minute prior to the start time of the first start.
  • Each start will be controlled by a rubberduck  motoring parallel to the beach from South to North. The start will be signaled by the lowering of both the Yellow and Red preparatory flags on the power boat to advise competitors that the race is about to start.  Competitors may start behind the Jet Ski as it passes them.
  • After the first start, subsequent starts will be at 6 minute intervals. A warning signal will be blown and the Yellow preparatory signal flag will be raised 5 minutes after the previous start to initiate the next start sequence. (See B and C above)
  • START AREA CLEAR PRIOR TO START – ALL Competitors are to be off the water before the Red preparatory signal flag is raised.  Failure to clear the water will result in the competitor being disqualified from the race.
  • FALSE STARTS – Any competitor that passes in front of the Rubberduck  will be automatically disqualified from the Race.  


SUP’s and Surfskis

  • START on the North western side of Skaapen Island between a Yacht and a marker Buoy close to the island
  • Pass to the west of the end of the iron ore jetty
  • FINISH at the Hunters arch or Yellow flags on the beach at the Saldanha Beach Sailing Club

Wind driven craft – Catamarans, Kites, Windsurfers, dinghys

  • START on the Langebaan beach as detailed in the Start arrangements above
  • Mark 1 – A Yacht situated east of the Donkergat peninsular to be rounded to starboard
  • Mark 2 – A Yacht situated just off the breakers at the caravan park known as Leentjies Klip to be rounded to port
  • Mark 3 – The end of the Iron ore jetty
  • Mark 4 – A Yacht situated North West of the end of the Iron ore jetty to be rounded to starboard
  • Mark 5 – A Yacht situated East of Mark 4 to be rounded to port
  • FINISH off Saldanha Beach sailing club as detailed in the Finish section below

Catamarans &  dinghys  stop  more left opposite caravan park for space

All designated course marks are to be rounded in the correct order and direction according to the course diagram.

All Marker Yachts will be flying large Pink flags from their masts.

Any competitor who does not round all marks in the correct order will be disqualified.

Any competitor passing under the Iron Ore jetty will be disqualified.