Welcome to the 2019 Down Wind Dash!

What is the Down Wind Dash?

The Langebaan to Saldanha Down Wind Dash has been organized as a fundraising initiative started in 1984 by Malcolm McGregor and members of the Saldanha Beach Sailing Club to enable financial support to the work the Mykonos NSRI, St Helena Bay Hospice and Saldanha Animal Care is doing in the West Coast Community.

We are immensely proud to be associated with our beneficiaries and aim to support our local community through this event that has grown from a few people getting together to a world-renowned prestigious water-sport event.

When is the next Down Wind Dash?

We have already started the 2019 Downwind dash arrangements and looking forward to having another well attended and exciting event again.

The optimal wind window is currently mid-January 2019 to mid-February 2019 until low tide is confirmed.

The Role Players

Our partners


Mykonos NSRI, Saldanha Animal Care and The St Helena Bay Hospice are organizations based on the West Coast who rely entirely on donations and sponsorships to enable them to do the community support work they have been set up to do.

Watersport enthusiasts:

Every year about 500 – 700 watersport enthusiasts descend upon the west coast to race from Langebaan Beach to Saldanha Bay Sailing club on Saldanha beach.

We are privileged to have many people volunteer from the local community to help make this event the success that it is. Local businesses invest in the event to do their bit for their social responsibility and every little bit helps immensely.

Local Businesses: Fundraising don’t only benefit the beneficiaries. By investing in the Down Wind Dash you grant work-opportunities to the un-employed and the businesses supporting the Dash by the means of accommodation, Food stalls, artists for entertainment

Tourism: Each year the west coast attracts around 700 000 visitors during the summer-time and the Langebaan area is known world wide as one of The Best wind and kitesurfing locations.

The opportunity for you

Firstly – your investment, whether it be big or small, into this prestigious event means a lot to us and the community it benefits.

Since we have had years to build on the brand and its associated outcome we can assure you of wide national media coverage and to bring your brand more focused to the West Coast community.  The event enjoys media sponsorships and your brand will be exposed to many different potential customers and on a variety of marketing platforms.

The Langebaan downwind dash is also an internationally recognized event and it offers

some exciting promotion and marketing investment opportunities.

The Detail:

Down Wind Dash website: www.downwindash.co.za

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DownWindDash/

YouTube Channel: Langebaan Dash https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTOTjQYrZUF2AlZsWLFTkxg/videos?sort=dd&shelf_id=0&view=0

Some of the Videos to get an idea of the scale of the event.

  • SABC interview


Below a few YouTube video’s (also available on our YouTube channel.

Investment options:

Option 1

Event naming rights  – example **COMPANY NAME DOWNWIND DASH (please look at the 2009 SuperSport YouTube link)
300 – Race Vests: (Branding with Name Sponsor on front ) number on back &
200 – Crew T-Shirts: Company logo on front and CREW on back
Start – Finish – Prize giving – After party zones
Allocation of a branded product expo at – Start – Finish – Prize giving – After party
Video and TV flighting, interview – SABC 1, 2, ETV
• A financial contribution of R120 000

  • A financial contribution of R180 000 (Super sport included)

Option 2
Race Vests: (Branding with Name Sponsor on front) number on back &
Crew T-Shirts: Company logo on front and CREW on back
Video and interview
Category exclusivity guaranteed
• A financial contribution of R70 000

**Lycra fabric is used to manufacture the race vests. One size fits all. You will have to approve the final design before production.  For a more cost-effective option, you as a sponsor can use your own supplier for the vests.

Option 3
Race Vests: (Branding with Name Sponsor on front) number on back &
Crew T-Shirts: Company logo on front and CREW on back
• A financial contribution of R45 000

Option 4
Race Vests: (Branding with Name Sponsor on front) number on back
• A financial contribution of R30 000

Option 6
(250) Medals: (Branding with Name Sponsor on back)
• A financial contribution of R7 000

Option 7
Access Sponsorship to advertise your Business at the Start – Beach – Finish – Prize giving – After party
• A financial contribution of R10 000

It is advised that if a sponsor only decides to print the racing vest or crew shirt, they should also take Option 7.

Sponsorship options:

  • Shuttle from R2000
    • Photographer from R3000
    • Printing Material from R4000
    • Stretch Tent from R10 000
    • Rider Communication and Transport Services from R10 000
    • Race Manager: Includes sole branding on official shirt & cap R10 000
    • Rescue Craft from R15 000
    • Air Support, Marker Boats and Flags from R20 000
    • After Party: Primary branding (space shared with name and access Sponsors) R20 000
    • Inserts for Registration Pack & Goody Bags: 300 inserts @R3.50 per insert
    • Timing – Registration station at start & Display, Result Station and finish with staff(depending on entries)
    • Prize money (depending on entries)(Sponsors are allowed do their own setup)

General remarks: When you invest or sponsor you also gain…(depending on sponsorship)

  • The right to conduct co-branded pre-event and on-site product promotions (format and mechanism to be agreed)
    • Allocation of a branded product expo at – Start – Finish – Prize giving – After party zones
    • Hospitality opportunities
    • Branded roaming promo personnel
    • Website banner on main page with link to your website + Facebook event cover banner + Social Mentions
    • Email thank you to all our subscribers
    • Scripted MC mentions
    • Data collection opportunities
    • Sponsors names will be on social advertisement (Digital, Audio & Print) and in our official email campaigns in the run up to the event
    • (Optional) supply of prizes and product give-a-ways
    (Sponsors must do their own setup)

For more info or to discuss sponsor options please contact us via email: info@downwindash.co.za