Notice of Race


Langebaan/Saldanha, South Africa

January 2019


The Downwind Dash is a one-day event to be held in Langebaan, South Africa over the week-end of the 26th and 27th January 2019.

You can book online for the dash at our Quicket page


The event will be organized by the Saldanha Beach Sailing Club


The event will be based/launched from the main beach, Langebaan, South Africa.


The Downwind Dash is governed by this Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions. If there is a conflict between the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions, the Sailing Instructionsshall take precedence,


This is an individual, once off event.

The race is open to windsurfers, kite board riders, catamarans, surfski’s, sups’s and sailing dinghies.

Seeding will be decided by the race committee based on performance of competitors in previous Down Wind Dash races and other major events


The race will be a giant slalom course from the beach at Langebaan, around five turning marks and finishing off the beach in Saldanha. Total distance approximately 20 km.


There is no restriction on equipment used.


Prize money will depend on number of entries received

Prize money will be allocated in the categories of  overall placing men, overall placing ladies, overall placing juniors.


Competitors participate in the event entirely at their own risk. The Saldanha Beach Sailing Club, any of their officials or representatives or the sponsors or their officials or representatives, are not responsible under any circumstances for any damage, loss, injury or death sustained in conjunction with, prior to, during, or after the event either ashore or on the water, to persons or equipment. Participation in this event is at the sole discretion of the sailor and at his/her own risk. All competitors, or guardians in the case of minors, will be obliged to sign the prescribed indemnity form prior to the race


The course will be as described in the sailing instructions and at the mandatory competitors briefing prior to the race.


The race is an open competition and results are given on the finishing order irrespective of type of sailing craft. Men and woman’s classes will be scored separately.


The notice of race, sailing instructions and event programme will be available on the Langebaandash web site and at the event.



Saterday 26 January

09h00 to 12h00

Registration at Marra square

Saterday 26 January

14h00 – 15h00

First possible start

Sunday 27 January

09h00 to 12h00

Hold over date registration

Sunday 27 January

09h00 to 12h00

Hold over date registration

In registering for the event, competitors automatically grant to the Organizing Authority the right in perpetuity to make, use of and show from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproduction of them, taken during the period of the event, for the said race as defined in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions in which he/she participates without compensation.TELEVISION AND MEDIA


Competitors are obliged to wear the Race numbered vest and an arm safety band with emergency number


Entries will be open on line on the Langebaandash web site from the 1st October 2018

Registration will take place at Mara Square in Langebaan from 09h00 to 12.00 on the day of the race.


The entry fee will be displayed on the Langebaan dash web site

Entry fees cover participation in the race and attendance at the prize giving party.

No entry fees will be refunded if the event does not take place due to unfavorable weather or for any other reason.

Such forfeited fees will be distributed between the race organizers, the NSRI, St Helena Sandveld Hospice and Saldanha Animal Care.